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Flavors that suit every taste bud and aromas that suggest use of fresh ingredients are hard to find in food items. However, food items served by our company, Pachranga International Inc., are a class apart. We are a popular name that is trusted by a large customer base as we make the best combination of taste, aroma, quality and price available in a large collection of food items like Continental Sauce, Pickle, Gulkand, Petha & Murabba. We are amongst the best names of the Indian Food Industry, which has taken the traditional art of making pickles, sauces and other items to great perfection.

"Minimum Order Quantity for Ginger Garlic Paste should be 50 KG"
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we made our debut as a promising and powerful company performing the roles of a manufacturer, supplier and an exporter.

Serving Authentic Foods

Pachranga International was started in the year 1943 with an aim to give shape to the Food Industry and bring the taste of authentic pickles in the Indian market and in the year 2002, it changed to Pachranga International Inc.

International Presence

After making presence felt in the Indian market, we targeted the International market. Indian food lovers in the markets of Canada, US, UK, Kuwait & Italy who were searching for a trusted company started relying on us and our expertise.
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